The Manyon Minute

THE YEAR HAS FLOWN BY.. and cannot beleive we are nearly at the end of the year..

the economy and th market have slowed and particularythe luxury property market has been slowing. Please click the link ( )

Whilst we all wait for the results ...

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The Manyon Minute

THE YEAR HAS FLOWN BY.. and cannot beleive we are nearly at the end of the year..

the economy and th market have slowed and particularythe luxury property market has been slowing. Please click the link ( )

Whilst we all wait for the results fothe ANC conference and hope that the outlook is positive.

We wish all our clients and staff a very Happy Festive Season and well over the Holidays.


Dec 2017


How quickly time goes by.  We are now well into 2017 experiencing many changes not only here in Africa, but all over the world.  Some good, some bad.

But whatever happens life goes on and a positive attitude must always be maintained.

Make a positive change in your life.  Do something different and new.  Make a move with Manyon Ross who will help you find that perfect space in which to live, laugh and be happy.

It is said "A change is as good as a holiday".  Contact us now.


May 2017


Here we are almost at the end of another year!

We never can predict what a year is going to be like, but if we are to be honest 2016 has been difficult for all – not only the rest of the world – but also for our beloved South Africa .  Many changes have occurred and disastrous things have happened, and yet we are still here and we must be thankful for the changes that are happening as we speak.

The weather is still hot and dry - one of the worst droughts in history, but the experts assure us that rain will come early in the New Year.  Nonetheless, the Jacaranda trees are awash with blossom giving us a spectacular show of amazing colour, and the birds are chirping happily in the trees making us all feel light hearted.

Enjoy life everybody.


November 2016




It's time to open the windows, open the doors and let the sunshine in!

Summer is on its way, and its time to spruce up the garden, plant some colour and get the braai going...

South Africa has beautiful weather in spring before the big rains come at the end of October - so enjoy the warm gorgeous weather while its here.

01 OCTOBER 2014



The winter weather is upon us and we all try to keep our home warm and cosy. so the inevitable comments abound about the price of and the lack of electricity.

Eskom Power is still behind on the construction of their two new power stations. They are asking domestic consumers to pay higher rates as well as warning them to conserve electricity. The power production is at capacity and the power grid is under strain. We must be concientious about wasting electricity.

This poor electricity supply has impacted on mining and production of goods. The supply and delivery should have been better planned and prepared for in a timeous manner by those who run the parastatel energy producer.

However it was not.

This is a country who is exporting electricity to its neighbours at discount prices whilst domestic consumers are under strain!

We have an abundance of sun and, in places an abundance of wind.

Why do we not harness nature?

In a country of 300 bright sunny days why is solar power NOT being implemented more?


27 JUNE 2014.




The Weather wreaks havoc over the Whole of South Africa...

In the last few weeks South Africa has become a wet and dull place. In Johannesburg the rain has been prolific and as a result we have experienced flooding and overflowing rivers.

The roads and motorists have suffered no end - large potholes, even larger sinkholes and to top it all - wet coal at the powers station! Therefore no working traffic lights for days on end! Slow miserable traffic and irate motorists at the tyre shops... repairing dinged tyres and rims as a result.

This does not bode well for the property owner as the quality of roads is directly related to the property price and values.

Have a voice and make it heard when it comes to road quality to ensure your property values do not decline...

13 March 2014



Property Valuations Increases have come into effect as of July 2013.

Johannesburg Council has been downgraded as a creditor to the banks and we continue to receive less and less quality service from them while having to pay more. Johannesburg is no longer rated as a World Class City and has been 'told' by the advertising standards bureau to cancel their advertising campaign stating -

'Johannesburg - a World Class City in Africa"...      Just Saying.

19 July 2013



Property Valuation Roll - the city council of Johannesburg is rolling out the new valuations for properties out in the next few weeks. The new valuations will be available on the February statements based on market value at 2 July 2013.

The issue of rates as well as the increases have been contentious and seen as unfair by property owners in Johannesburg. This is due largely  to property owners having to be subjected to continuing deteriorating service delivery and poor maintenance while being subjected to higher rates and taxes...

The Crux of the matter - paying more and getting less and less!

12 FEB 2013



The South African constituion has enshrined equality and this is visible in the rising number of women in the workplace occupying more managerial top level jobs... that means better salaries.This has resulted in more women buying property and creating their own wealth portfolios and buying property is a goal women are acheiving.

More single person homes are being bought this year and those being majority single women

14 November 2012



Not good news for consumers in general. The rate of inflation has risen to 5.5% in the wake of massive petrol hikes this last month due to a weaker rand and higher oil prices. This is making disposable income much tighter and basic commodities more expensive. Will the modest gains in property prices hold into the next quarter? This remains to be seen whilst the country remains in turmoil...

24 Oct 2012



and so it seems that bond approvals are up as moderate growth in SA house prices have been reported...

house prices have increased month on month at 0.2% in general whilst bond approvals is up 1.9% for first time buyers...

11 Oct 12



These prices are given after inflation and represent 39 countries. In SA the real price index fell 3.95% in the second quarter of 2012 for the sixth consecutive quarter according to ABSA bank.

South Africa's housing market is expected to remain lower as the economy slows and domestic social unrest grows...

The interest rate may be lower than its been in years, but the global housing market is still on the downturn, according to the Global Property Guide.

5 Oct 2012



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